Avington is a client-focused, independent investment bank with acknowledged expertise in the global hospitality, leisure, real estate and consumer-related industries.

Avington provides a broad range of strategic and advisory services. Our unique combination of industry focus, operating expertise and extensive international investment banking experience enables Avington to provide clients with valued advice and services to assist them with their strategic objectives.

Underpinning Avington's success is a culture based on core principles of Exclusivity, Independence, Integrity and the Primacy of Client Interests.

Since inception, Avington has been involved in some of the highest profile transactions in its industries of specialization and is recognized as a valued advisor to leading corporations, private equity firms and pension funds at the forefront of strategic change within these industries.

Latest News

March 1, 2010

View From The Top - Industry leaders offer opinions on trends, issues and opportunities, as well as forecasts for the months ahead.

September 23, 2009

Formation of The Avingstone Fund - We are pleased to announce the formation of The Avingstone Fund, a club fund focused on the European hotel sector recovery.

November 27, 2008

Hotels Keep Door Shut to Big Rate Cuts - US travellers hoping that the global financial crisis would herald bargain Thanksgiving...